...This is the only QUIZ that will reveal your REAL spiritual archetype

what's your spiritual archetype?
At the heart of everything you do, think, and feel is your spiritual archetype. Take this quiz to find out yours.

Archetype: Ancient Greek word meaning “pattern” 

Think of an archetype as a symbol that reveals the true nature of your soul.

The idea of archetypes was first developed by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, who spent years observing these symbols with his patients.

After extensive research, we’ve come up with our own spiritual archetypes, including their meanings, strengths, and limitations.

Each archetype has a “shadow side”, which is essentially the dark side of our soul. Because with the good comes bad — life is never one-sided, and neither are humans. 

In this quiz, you’ll discover:
  • Your dominant spiritual archetype
  • The qualities and fears associated with it
  • What it really means for love and your relationships
If you’re ready to find out, jump straight in!
I lead primarily with my heart instead of my head
Sounds about right!
I prefer to go with my head
I use a balance of both
I go with my instincts instead
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